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Food Freedom and Fertility Podcast

Apr 25, 2022

On this week’s episode e of Food, Freedom and Fertility we are joined by Karly Nuttall a Midwife and Educator. Karly is a certified Professional Midwife who has also launched on online school, Midwifery Finishing School. Today we have Karly here to discuss  Midwifery Care for Pregnancy Health specifically focused on pregnancy loss.


The Midwifery approach to pregnancy loss is very open and diverse. The thought process is that there is not one correct way to handle this but better yet you must do what is right for you and your family. Karly helps us understand the risk of infection for non-viable pregnancies and the details of a natural miscarriage and letting it pass on its own. Also, she discusses the benefits of this process and how you can truly make this experience something that will help you fell more at peace with the situation better.



Karly walks us through how each miscarriage can be extremely different and especially based on how far along you are. One of those options is a D&C. She helps us understand what a D&C is… not to be confused as DNC. A D and C is Dilation and curettage (D&C) is a procedure to remove tissue from inside your uterus. A lot of people assume D&C is specifically for the removal after a miscarriage but it can also be used for other uterine conditions. But she also explains that all medical procedures should have a discussion and informed consent with full explanation of all of a patient’s options.


Karly discusses that pregnancy loss early is commonly due to genetic abnormalities. Rarely are external causes the root of a miscarriage. Typically,  women who are 35 and younger have a harder time requesting genetic testing until 3 miscarriages, however Karly suggests that if you feel the need for any testing you should speak up and find a provider that will support your decisions. Some of the testing to be done is to check for progesterone levels, MTHFR gene mutation and thyroid levels. Having a support team in place and a referral network will assist in your right as a patient to request these tests.



The role of a midwife is discussed at length and what role your midwife will have in the scenario that you have a miscarriage at any time during your pregnancy. Traditionally we as a society feel it is expected to hand over our bodily functions to the hospital and doctors. However,  Midwives’ goals are to help people feel connected to the process. Take ownership of not only decisions but the process.


Miscarriage is a difficult topic to navigate, but we want  you to remember that you  have options, you have support you don’t have to do things a certain way. You get to regard the life of your baby however works for you and if your providers do not support that it is ok to find someone else who does.


If you would like to learn more about Karly Nuttall please check her out at the links below.

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