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Food Freedom and Fertility Podcast

Feb 8, 2021

In this episode of Food, Freedom, and Fertility, Caitlin & Sophia discuss chemicals found to disrupt hormones within the body and outline ways to avoid them in an effort to support your liver health and in turn, fertility. By explaining the use our liver plays in our body’s ecosystem, Caitlin & Sophia hope to identify the ways in which we can help our system from constant cleaning overload with substances we consume on a regular basis.  The main chemicals, or toxins, discussed involve analyzing our relationships with Plastic, Pesticides, and Phthalates. These elements can be classified as endocrine disruptors which means they are known chemicals that impact our hormones and how our body communicates, which can ultimately affect our hormone levels and fertility in an unexpected, unintended way.


There’s no doubt we could be doing better when it comes to the way we use plastics in an ongoing disposable manner.  But aside from that, Caitlin & Sophia lay down the dangers in using plastic by outlining its characteristics and changes in every day use. Reason being, BPA mimics estrogen in the body and can cause a lot of damage by disrupting hormones resulting in harming the reproductive system and also brain development for expecting mothers. 

This spans from water bottles and food storage containers we use to reheat leftovers at work, to canned products we shop for in the grocery store.  


In addition to discussing plastic, Caitlin & Sophia provide resources for listeners to utilize when locating foods with little to no pesticide residue while also speaking about which foods endanger our bodies to more harmful chemicals and which foods are lower risk.  This involves looking at the phrase “organic” in, perhaps, a new light.  By reaching for certain foods research shows to include more pesticides, going organic is more important to consider when aiming to consume as little pesticides as possible. We don’t always have to spend the extra dollars checking out with organic products so Caitlin & Sophia help listeners create a road map of importance when considering different food products.  Additionally, they lead listeners to resources when avoiding phthalates which also count as unwanted harmful chemicals known to affect our hormone system.  This includes substances like soft plastic shower curtains but also more invasive items like feminine products and condoms.  


Lastly, Caitlin & Sophia spend some time in this episode discussing the importance of air quality around us and our families.  By looking at healthy air through a practical lens of cost efficiency, Caitlin & Sophia aim to help listeners evaluate what they can do to make their immediate environment a little safer for their liver and in turn, their reproductive system.   All of these efforts combined can seem like an overwhelming, unattainable goal but bit by bit overtime, small changes can ripple into a more healthy, sustainable lifestyle for not only women focused on fertility but family members considering how they can assist their liver with frequently consumed products.  


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